We provide marketing and PR services to our clients, so they can successfully enter the local market. Knowing all details about the market allow us to develop the right strategy for a particular company. Communication with key players in the local market gives us the opportunity to efficiently promote companies that we represent. Our services strengthen the position of our clients in the market and constantly increase its market share. Good relationships with local journalists, mass media, magazines and TV channels allow us increase brand awareness of all our clients in the local market.

  • Market Analysis

  • Dedicated marketing campaigns

  • Development of market entry, advertisement and PR strategies/plans

  • Customized PR activities

  • Social Media Management (E-Marketing)

  • Design, printing, translation, distribution of promotional materials, websites and brochures to various languages

  • Brand development/promotion

  • Development of new marketing channels

  • Placement of information about hotels/services in travel agencies and Media

  • Monitoring of websites of travel agencies

  • Promotion of hotels in local market

  • Media and Press promotion

  • Constant communication with travel agencies

  • Exclusive joint promotions with partners

  • Regular mailing service for the entire database of travel agencies of various countries (Iran, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan) with special proposals and news



Presence of a sales office in Baku and having good relations with companies that we represent give us the opportunity to provide sales services for our clients. It facilitates the bookings of the hotels that we represent so they can increase profit without extra cost and effort.

  • Development of sales system/ sales strategy/ sales plans/ sales channels

  • Sales support (Booking support)

  • Assistance with contract negotiations between hotels and travel agencies

  • Monthly sales reports

  • Visa support for the clients staying in the hotels we represent


We provide representation services for our clients on off-site basis. Dedicated telephone, email and fax service for trade and/or consumer make it possible for our customers to save time, increase productivity having virtual representative office in Azerbaijan. For those companies with limited human resources and international experience, but with the need to expand in Azerbaijan and to diversify risks, we can act as an export department. Using the predefined goals, we approach target markets and customers, negotiate on your behalf, close deals and fulfill all those tasks inherent to the post.

  • Representation of a company in the local market

  • Presentation of a company at trade fairs and exhibitions

  • Personal meetings with representatives of travel agencies agreed in advance with the client

  • Participation in various activities to promote tourism and hospitality

  • Sales calls for hotels, DMCs and tourism boards

  • Contracting with the best DMCs and travel agencies

  • Building relationships with airlines, government entities and relevant companies in tourism sector

  • Organization of call centres for corporate clients

Event Organization


We can organize various events relevant to tourism industry. This kind of events allows companies to discover new markets, find business partners, provide new products/services to consumers that follow the current trends and share mutual experiences. Therefore, we will coordinate all aspects of your event from start to finish including venue selection, scheduling transportation, F&B, invitation design and etc.

  • Trade fairs and workshops

  • Special events for tour operators and its promotion

  • B2C events

  • Macro events and presentations in B2B market

  • Group tours and individual tours

  • Press events: Press conferences, interviews, advertising, press tours

  • Business events: seminars, conferences, travel exhibitions, shows, presentations, business breakfasts, webinars, dinners, informal cocktail receptions

  • PR events: participation in regional and urban projects, PR campaigns

  • Attracting sponsors to event

  • Events in key regions of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey and Iran